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Dr. Karl Michael Popp is Senior Director Mergers and Acquisitions at SAP SE.

Enter Dr. Karl Michael Popp

He is working on mergers and acquisitions in the software industry at SAP SE.

He is member of the german M&A association and board member of the german association for post merger integration (GFPMI.DE).

Besides being a frequent speaker, he authored numerous articles and books on business models, partner ecosystems and mergers and acquisitions in the the software industry like the book "Profit from software ecosystems" on business models and partnerships in the software industry.

In his new book he shares his profound knowledge of the software industry in mergers and acquisitions. 

This book has three simple goals:

Goal #1: Create a holistic view of mergers and acquisitions
in the software industry and to introduce post merger integration planning as an integral part of due diligence.

Goal # 2: Point out the key differentiators of the software industry to other industries, like

  •  Products and services,

  •  Business models,

  •  Ecosystem strategies,

  •  Intellectual property management and

  •  Frequency and speed of disruption and technological innovation.

Goal # 3: Lay the foundation for standardization of due diligence activities for software companies and to build a foundation for successful post merger integration planning in the due diligence phase.


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