Digital M&A

Let us cover the final frontier of digitization: making M&A processes digital!

What is needed?

Here is the list of requirements to massively digitize the M&A process:
  • end-to-end process support from early phases to end of the integration project,
  • Digital learning for M&A knowledge,
  • Semantic analysis of available data of acquirer and target and then leverage the semantic data to navigate the data via assistive technologies,
  • assistive technologies like chatbots and digital assistants that help managers watch risks, ask the right questions and propose proper next steps,
  • big data analytics: data rooms are a large data set, so why dig through it manually?,
  • Use of forensic technologies for understanding and investigating data room content
  • Automate IT due diligence by using scanners for analysis of networks, applications and interfaces,
  • Automatically analyse content of existing ERP systems for due diligence, merger integration and migration of ERP systems.

What is already digital?

  • Data rooms: Trusted file stores for due diligence are digital. But is file store digitalization driven far enough?
  • Process digitalization: There are M&A process tools that allow partial automization. But do we get digitalization with chatbots, assistive technology based on machine learning? No. Not yet.

Stay tuned for more thought leadership.

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