Hacking post merger integration

Inspired by Tim Ferriss, this page gives you the hacking rules to survive without damages in post merger integration of technology companies.

Post merger integration Rule 1: Plan ahead.

get a detail post merger integration plan in place early. PRE CLOSE.

Post merger integration Rule 2: Minimize process risk.

document all steps for post merger integration, assign, monitor. done.

Post merger integration rule 3: Kindergarten time.

make sure a nanny is there. engage post merger integration process coaches with the new team AND your managers working on the post merger integration.

Post merger integration rule 4: Executives LISTEN!

outsource monitoring, ENGAGE in speedy problem resolution during post merger integration.

Post merger integration rule 5: Be there or be square.

there is no remote control for companies. go and see.

Post merger integration rule 6: It´s a people game: managers.

carefully select your own managers working in the post merger integration project. if they are morons, they screw up the post merger integration. This one courtesy of Johannes Gerds from Deloitte.

Post merger integration rule 7: the right energy rules.

In post merger integration, positive people with energy are rockstars. negative people with energy are jerks. get rid of jerks.

Post merger integration rule 8: If you´re not accountable, nobody is!

That one is stolen from project management, but it is even more true in post merger integration. With two organizations merging, enforce clear responsibilities and accountabilities, otherwise your are bust!

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